Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still Working On It

Last month didn't work out.

I decided to buy the Answer Ovulation Test Kit. At under $20 for 20 test sticks, it was a bargain compared to the more expensive $250 fertility monitor. I started using the sticks on Day 5 of my cycle. On Tuesday (Day 10), I got a positive result. At least my LH seems to be working correctly.

One of the things that happened when I was pregnant was that I became more attuned to my body. I was constantly on the lookout for pregnancy symptoms, so things that I may not have noticed before became really obvious. My recent LH surge is no exception. That afternoon I knew that I was having my LH surge. Wanna know how? I got hot and my face started to flush. I told my friend at work, "I'm totally surging right now." I went home and took the test, and there it was...a positive result.

Now the waiting game is on again. Hopefully in two weeks I'll have a different positive test result.